[AMRadio] GP-7 Transmitter Chassis Help

doxemf at aol.com doxemf at aol.com
Sun Mar 28 03:43:30 EDT 2010

I have mentioned this on list some time ago but did not get any satisfaction.

I have several of the Westinghouse GP-7 transmitter tuning units that I would like to set up for use as a transmitter final. The power supply and modulator would be the two decks from a Meissner 150B that is lacking the RF section and case.

What I am hoping to locate is a stripped GP-7 chassis and a good  front panel along with the T.U. guides, rear connector plug assm. with driver tube socket and the contact post for the output and final connections. Nothing else is needed.
I cannot do the metal fabrication needed to build this but wiring and a cabinet is not a problem.

Does anyone out there, besides myself, have any of this Assm.?

Thoughts on this project? Someone do this already? Or am I just crazy?

Bill, KB3DKS in 1 Land

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