[AMRadio] sdr-iq

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Sun Mar 28 07:58:24 EDT 2010

agree completly, after all these years I just wanted to have, great audio 
available, combined with numerous bandwidths for qrm. I hoped the sdr-iq 
would do that. the ft1000 is of course run to an external speaker, that 
little thing in there is so bad I used headphones for a while.  activating 
the dsp rips up the audio so much as to be unusable.  the HRO50-1  p-p 6V6 
that I have sounds very good and the sp600 is supposed to be the very best 
sounding.    if you KW has 24 bit then why would the sdr-iq use 14 bit? 
cheap cheap
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> Hi Bernie,
> I have gone back and forth on the receive audio question with my rigs.
> I have never had a PC controlled receiver, but I have a Kenwood TS870
> which is a 24 bit dsp firmware receiver.  I have the 1000MP Mk V also
> and I agree that the stock audio is not very good.  I widened the
> stock 6 KHz passband AM IF and tapped the AM detector and brought that
> signal out to an external tube push pull amp and speaker.  Those two
> things made a vast difference on AM and it sounds like a tube boat
> anchor rx now.  Next I get the 75A3 and fire it up and I'm not very
> thrilled with the audio quality.  At this point the audio I get from
> the stock TS870 with a 14 KHz passband is almost as good as the
> modified Yaesu.  75A3 is worst of the three.  But I tap the detector
> on the A3 and with a 10 KHz AM passband, put its audio out to another
> p.p. vintage AF amp and set of speakers.  Now I prefer it over the
> TS870 and it is at least as good or better than the tapped and
> modified Yaesu.  I have never had a SX28 or any of the "audio" ba
> receivers (many of which seem to be general coverage) but I have
> concluded that most ham receivers need some help of one sort or
> another as they were not intended for great audio but rather for
> chasing dx.
> 73
> Rob
> K5UJ
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