[AMRadio] AMRadio Digest, Vol 74, Issue 53

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Mar 29 11:59:53 EDT 2010

> I encountered the same situation with the FCC over the air handler unit
> to my HVAC,  it is a multi speed motor that is controlled by a PWM
> signal.    The noise it puts out is nothing like this thing though but I
> followed up with the manufacturer and they would not, (first) admit the
> problem with in their unit, and (second) would not provide any help
> other than telling me to buy a filter from Radio Shack.
> I contacted the FCC about the problem and found that the only
> requirement in Part 15 below 30 Mc. has to do with conducted signals,
> not only that, the limits are very liberal.  So ,if you have one of
> these phones  near you, probably the best thing to do is transmit on the
> frequency their oscillator is using with a lot of power and hope the
> user will experience enough trouble to dump the damn thing.
> We need a re-write of the re-write of part 15 for signals below 30 meg
> but don't hold your breath unless you have a Congressman or Senator who
> is on the budget committee.
> Jim/W5JO

Here is a strategy worth consideration by ALL hams everywhere in the 
country. Next time one of your local politicians holds a "town-hall 
meeting", get together with a few other hams, SWL's, AM broadcast radio 
listeners and any other concerned radio users in your area, and raise holy 
hell over the RFI issue and DEMAND that the FCC do its JOB enforcing laws 
and regulations already on the books. Demand also that manufacturers and 
importers of all types of gadgetry be required by federal law to meet 
certain emission standards and that those standards will be strictly 
enforced. Make enough noise for long enough, and someone will begin to take 
notice. This is an ENVIRONMETAL issue.

A few thousand highly motivated and highly vocal individuals nationwide this 
past summer had a tremendous impact, for better or for worse, regarding 
health insurance reform. Why can't we do a similar thing, and demand an end 
to illegal pollution of the airwaves?

Pass this on to all the hams you know and talk it up over the air... WATSA?

(And PLEASE, no highjacking this thread for off-topic, non-radio related 
comments or remarks!)

Don k4kyv


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