[AMRadio] SDR-IQ

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Mar 29 12:23:08 EDT 2010

Bernie, your experience with the SDR-IQ has about convinced me to save my 
money.  I had entertained the idea of purchasing one, but maybe I'd better 
at least wait till they work some of the bugs out of it.

Here is another digital gadget (software only) that I am considering. It 
would convert a laptop to a portable audio spectrum analyser for checking 
everything from microphones, audio amplifiers, incoming signals off the 
radio, individual voice responses, or every combination thereof.  It would 
seem a  lot better for checking the speech amp than the old audio signal 
generator and scope or level meter method,  since you could check the 
instantaneous response curve of your entire system, all the way from your 
larynx to the transmitting antenna.  And this one costs only 100 bucks. 
Bernie KC8RPW in Columbus OH has the cheapie version and he is  highly 
satisfied with it, but I think I would spend a few more $$$ for the true 
spectrum analyser instead of just the bar graph.  Wonder if anyone else has 
used one of these?

It is called the TrueRTA Audio Analyzer.  Best of all, it's downloadable, so 
no waiting for a CD to arrive in the mail.  There is also a free version, 
with very limited functionality, but I would try that before investing money 
in the "good" one.


Don k4kyv

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