[AMRadio] SDR-IQ

Jay Bromley jayw5jay at cox.net
Mon Mar 29 19:43:13 EDT 2010

Hi Don,
For years I have used SpectraPlus.  They sure seem to be pricey these days, 
since I have purchased the software.  Here is the link: 
http://www.spectraplus.com/  I guess 14 years or more has flown by since I 
purchased mine?  Seems it was expensive then, but I can't remember how much. 
I am still using he original copy without any problems.  I have sure got my 
money worth out of it.  Works great, but a few times I have had ground loops 
throw me off until I figured out what was going on.  Computer power supplies 
are horrible in this regard.

I am using the Perseus SDR, mainly for the bandscope right now, but the sync 
detector sure works nice on AM.  I did have to up the AGC theshold up in the 
menu settings, to make it perform better.  It also comes with a very nice 40 
MHz spectrum analyzer software.  Even though I bought it to listen to and 
have fun with on AM, I justified the price for both a nice toy for the shack 
and a useful piece of test gear.  The spectrum analyzer is nice to use at 
times and seems to be really accurate for the sort of HF tests I do.  Also 
being able to record huge amounts of spectrum and then later being able to 
analyze them is really nice.  Clicking with the mouse on the bandscope with 
these recordings and listening to other signals than the one your recorded 
is cool.  You can also change settings like for the filter BW, Notch, etc, 
while playing back these MP3 like files like in real time.  So I am a 
convert on the new gadgets.

73 de jay..

From: "D. Chester" <k4kyv at charter.net>
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2010 11:23 AM
To: <amradio at mailman.qth.net>
Subject: Re: [AMRadio] SDR-IQ

> Bernie, your experience with the SDR-IQ has about convinced me to save my
> money.  I had entertained the idea of purchasing one, but maybe I'd better
> at least wait till they work some of the bugs out of it.
> Here is another digital gadget (software only) that I am considering. It
> would convert a laptop to a portable audio spectrum analyser for checking
> everything from microphones, audio amplifiers, incoming signals off the
> radio, individual voice responses, or every combination thereof.  It would
> seem a  lot better for checking the speech amp than the old audio signal
> generator and scope or level meter method,  since you could check the
> instantaneous response curve of your entire system, all the way from your
> larynx to the transmitting antenna.  And this one costs only 100 bucks.
> Bernie KC8RPW in Columbus OH has the cheapie version and he is  highly
> satisfied with it, but I think I would spend a few more $$$ for the true
> spectrum analyser instead of just the bar graph.  Wonder if anyone else 
> has
> used one of these?
> It is called the TrueRTA Audio Analyzer.  Best of all, it's downloadable, 
> so
> no waiting for a CD to arrive in the mail.  There is also a free version,
> with very limited functionality, but I would try that before investing 
> money
> in the "good" one.
> http://www.trueaudio.com/rta_abt1.htm
> Don k4kyv
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