[AMRadio] SDR-IQ

Brett Gazdzinski Brett.Gazdzinski at verizon.net
Mon Mar 29 20:54:11 EDT 2010

There are no bugs with the sdr-iq.

There might be some 'bugs' getting other software to run with it, but the 
official spectravue software runs fine.

This sdr software stuff is like anything else, some does some stuff well, 
other programs do other things well, some have really nice displays, others 
have better features, another one sounds better, etc....

A spectrum analysis (audio) has been out there for a long time, along with 
audio generators, white noise, square, triangle, saw tooth wave, etc., all 

I got a program off the Elecraft web page that is used to align the filters 
on the K2, its a good audio spectrum display, only limited by the sound card 
in the computer you have.
Its called spectrogram.
Its under builder resources.
I think it can do other things as well.

By the way Don, if you want to borrow the sdr-iq, I could let you try it for 
a while, that way you don't have to put out the coin unless you find it 

I think its fun to watch the TX signal and record it (190 KHz actually) and 
listen and examine it later...
I just put a 2 inch antenna on it to do that...


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> Bernie, your experience with the SDR-IQ has about convinced me to save my
> money.  I had entertained the idea of purchasing one, but maybe I'd better
> at least wait till they work some of the bugs out of it.
> Here is another digital gadget (software only) that I am considering. It
> would convert a laptop to a portable audio spectrum analyser for checking
> everything from microphones, audio amplifiers, incoming signals off the
> radio, individual voice responses, or every combination thereof.  It would
> seem a  lot better for checking the speech amp than the old audio signal
> generator and scope or level meter method,  since you could check the
> instantaneous response curve of your entire system, all the way from your
> larynx to the transmitting antenna.  And this one costs only 100 bucks.
> Bernie KC8RPW in Columbus OH has the cheapie version and he is  highly
> satisfied with it, but I think I would spend a few more $$$ for the true
> spectrum analyser instead of just the bar graph.  Wonder if anyone else 
> has
> used one of these?
> It is called the TrueRTA Audio Analyzer.  Best of all, it's downloadable, 
> so
> no waiting for a CD to arrive in the mail.  There is also a free version,
> with very limited functionality, but I would try that before investing 
> money
> in the "good" one.
> http://www.trueaudio.com/rta_abt1.htm
> Don k4kyv
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