[AMRadio] More buzzies and hash

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Mar 29 22:25:33 EDT 2010

> Nothing is going to happen.
> The government is broke, local, state and feds.
> The FCC has under 3000 people doing everything, and most are legal types I 
> think.
> Do you expect the feds to check EVERY gizmo coming into the country for 
> noise and design issues, and check that they don't 'forget' to put the 
> filters in once its type accepted, or whatever?

They wouldn't have to check every gizmo, but if the appropriate standards are in place and the manufacturers/importers are made aware of them, once they begin spewing out their electromagnetic hash or toxic substances, the victims of the pollution have a right to expect the FCC or other appropriate agency to enforce its rules and issue cease and desist orders against the offending device.  A few significant fines would  cover the cost of enforcement action. Those companies have a lot  deeper pockets than do a few renegade chickenbanders and their ilk. By the same logic, rules and  laws already on the books should be able to better protect the public from such things as toxic paint on Chinese toys than has been  reported recently.

Agreed that the govenrment is bankrupt, so they would have no business spending scarce funds on things like enacting a ban on AM in the first place, while existing laws and regulations that would actually serve the public interest, remain unenforced.


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