[AMRadio] Request for Most Common Capacitor Values to be Reproduced

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Mon May 3 18:31:45 EDT 2010

Sorry for the multiple list posting, but time is short and max input is desired.

Got a call from a friend this afternoon who is talking with a
capacitor manufacturer about producing some caps for the radio, guitar
amp, and audio crowd. We've talked about this in the past but never
got to it. Now it looks like it will happen.

The question is, what values would be the most handy to have supplied
into the future for restoring old gear? Obviously we can't do a lot of
oddball values as we're mainly looking for values that will sell well
and be attractive from a production prospective. The few that popped
to mind for me were:

 .1, .01, and .47 mfd at both 400 and 600 vdc. I also specified axial
lead instead of the radial leads found on Orange drops since axial
leads are better suited to our needs. I'm looking for other values
that are likely to be encountered often enough to warrant production.
Maybe 6-12 different values to choose from. These would be caps used
for bypassing and such, not filtering. I suspect we could get them
'banded' for the foil side as well if folks feel that is important

The meeting is set for tomorrow, so timely input is critical. We're
*not* looking for a list of manufacturers who already make caps as we
believe more is better in this case. Some values are already getting
difficult to find.


~ Todd,  KA1KAQ/4

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