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What kind of mic are you running?  The DX-60 having a tube mic amp 
(12ax7) does really well with hi-Z mics like a D-104 crystal mic.   
It's a high impedance input and I used mine with a non-amplified D-104. 
  However when you heard me I was using a studio mic and I used a mic 
preamp with the Hi-Z output.  The preamp is an ART Tube MP Studio Mic 
Preamp like at


There is an audio adjust pot accessible with the cover off on the 
chassis near the 12ax7 and 6de7.  You must adjust that after the 
transmitter is loaded up on frequency.   I have found that if I change 
bands, that audio pot must be tweaked!  The audio level will not be the 
same.  For ease of adjustment, I took a wooden skewer from walmart, the 
kind you put vegetables and meat on for kabobs, and I whittled one end 
to the shape of a flat-head screwdriver and stuck the thing down top 
vent-hole that is right over the trimmer pot.  Now I can adjust that 
audio without taking the cover off!

Good luck Brian!  I'll know you'll get it going soon.

John KX5JT

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The crystals arrived today and the DX-60 tunes up nicely
and on frequency. But the modulation is horribly distorted. I put in a
new 12AX7 preamp and checked voltages. All OK. I bypassed the preamp
stage and subbed in a known good amp. Still bad. I'll keep working on

73                                                Brian

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