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Thanks Arnie,


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Please don't overlook the older collins receivers.  I have and us a 75A2 
with my Ranger.  It doesn't have the filters or product detector but it 
works reallllly good on AM and CW also.  This is my second and both were in 
the $125 range, needing a good cleaning, recapping, and one come without a 
case.  There are plenty of really well cared for A2s that will cost 
considerably more, but probably won't work any/much better.

I have two Drake 2Bs and love them, but not so much for AM.  Also the A2 
covers 160 meters. I recently had a NC300 that worked pretty good but not as 
good as the A2 or 2B - in my opinion (forgive me Carl). I also had a really 
pretty HQ170A/C VHF and it drifted like crazy especially had the higher 
bands.  After sticking a few pins in the VooDoo doll, it settled down to 
mild neader up the band.  Both the 75A2 and Drake 2B are hetrodyne vfos and 
more stable than those that try to oscillate at about 10mhz without 

Maybe that's more than 2Cents worth - you can bill me for the difference.

arnie - W1GCI

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