[AMRadio] modern vocabulary (OT)

Steve Garwood n0czv at frontier.com
Fri Dec 2 16:00:36 EST 2011

Make sure that you teach him calligraphy too - you were also good at it!

Steve, N0CZV

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At 01:41 PM 12/2/2011, Eddy Swynar wrote:
>Society as a whole, I think was far better then than it is to-day in 
>the matter of the English language, written OR spoken...
>What happened...? 2 much txtng 4 r own good? LOL BFFE! Hi Hi
>As a people we have the universal tools to communicate with our 
>fellows better now than at any other point in human history---yet we 
>have FAR LESS to say that's of any import than ever before, too. 
>What a tragedy.

As guardians for our ten year old great grandson, we found out that 
the schools today have abandoned handwriting, leaving it all to PC 
keyboards,  When he was asked to sign a Cub Scout participation 
paper, he couldn't write.  Even his teachers don't think its that 
important.  Geeesh.

Since then we picked up materials and did home-schooling for this 
important function!  Easy instruction and he picked it up instantly.

(next in line is some CW instruction leading to a ham ticket.  hope 
it works) :-)

Pardon me for the OT


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