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Eddy Swynar deswynar at xplornet.ca
Sat Dec 3 08:06:47 EST 2011

On 2011-12-02, at 5:42 PM, John Tate wrote:

> Someone said: "What happened...? 2 much txtng 4 r own good? LOL BFFE! Hi Hi" So the younger generation using their fancy new technology has come up with a universal shorthand to be more efficient. Doesn't that remind you of the following example? W5XYZ DE K3WWP GM (GA, GE) TNX CALL UR 579 579 IN KITTANNING, PA KITTANNING, PA NAME JOHN JOHN HW? AR W5XYZ DE K3WWP K (KN)

Hi John,

The big difference twixt "us" Hams and "them" great young unwashed who walk amongst us is that Ham-speak was / is a hobby with us---we'd hang-up the shack lingo once we returned to our mainstream activities for the day...

Kids to-day, though, seemingly NEVER "hang it up". 

Haven't you ever noticed that a lot of young people these days have their faces constantly buried into their Blackberries / tablets / ipods / AD NAUSEAM, and never seem to ever come up for air? It's become a veritable lifestyle for them, not some pleasant diversion from the hubbub of life, like Ham radio is for us...

~73~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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