[AMRadio] 6146A's Arrived (was DX-100B on Phone - bad audio distortion / oscillation)

Rick Poole wa1rkt at arrl.net
Wed Dec 7 00:03:34 EST 2011

Well, the 6146A's arrived today, to replace the 6146B's in my DX-100 
which are suspected of causing my spur / self-oscillation problem.

I bought four of them (I could use a couple of spares for my KWM-2A 
anyway) and took the two that matched most closely on my TV-7D and 
put those in.

No joy... self-oscillation is as bad as ever.  Tried several 
positionings of the neutralization wand and then removed the 
neutralization wand altogether... still no joy.

So, I got the XYL to help me wrestle the thing over to the workbench 
(feed me the line cord through the back of the cabinet and then move 
the cabinet out of the way), whereupon my Simpson 260 fell on her 
foot, so she is not happy... :-(

But it's now out of the cabinet and ready for me to start going over 
it from front to back and try to figure out what's happening.  Stay tuned...


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