[AMRadio] Capacitance meter / tester

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Dec 7 19:00:05 EST 2011

Rick as Ronnie suggested the Sprague TO series of checkers or the Heath 
version would be my preference because of the voltages we have to deal 
with.  Must cap checkers today just tell you the value, which is useful 
but the real test is under voltage.

Look for one that checks insulation resistance for ceramic, polyester 
and that type of caps and leakage for electrolytic caps.  There are 
other brands out there other than Sprague and Heathkit so I suggest you 
go over to AM Swap and post a WTB for something like the Sprague TO 4 , 
5 or 6.   For safety reasons, don't buy one before the 4 version.  The 
Heath is a good one as well but I don't remember the model number.  Some 
one can chime in with those numbers or the one Sencore made.

You have a very unusual problem.  Just don't quit and you are learning a 
lot.  Use the scope on the RF section as well as the audio section.  It 
will tell you where the oscillation is.  Be sure your scope has a 
bandwidth of at least 50 Mc.  It would be better for it to be 100 Mc.


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> What's the current consensus for a really good capacitance tester /
> meter, for testing capacitors in these old boat anchors?
> Thanks...
> Rick WA1RKT

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