[AMRadio] Capacitance Meter/Tester

Rick Poole wa1rkt at arrl.net
Thu Dec 8 17:43:12 EST 2011

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about capacitance testers.

I'm actually more inclined to look for something that is of current 
manufacture, that I can order on the web and have it here in a few 
days, rather than something that I need to wait around to try to find 
one on some want-ad or auction site, and then hope it works when it 
gets here and have to fix it if it doesn't.  That doesn't mean I 
won't accept anything older, just that it's not my first choice... in 
this case I'm looking for a tool and not another project.

It does seem like something that just measures capacitance isn't 
necessarily the best choice, and that I should be able to apply some 
voltage to it to check for leakage.  Any modern-day capacitor testers 
do that?  Google hasn't been much help.


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