[AMRadio] Heathkit VFO stabilizing

Bill Harris w7kxb at msn.com
Fri Dec 9 18:38:11 EST 2011

I'm thinking a fun project would be to incorporate a modern day frequency stabilizing scheme into a VF1 or HC10.That would be the easiest to work on and if successful, take on the DX100 series.I know, you don't need it for AM but, I like to tinker.Just a passing thought while I'm having a Ebb moment.Carry-onBill-w7kxb

> Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2011 15:11:52 -0800
> From: wb3fau at att.net
> To: amradio at mailman.qth.net
> Subject: Re: [AMRadio] SB-10 Modification (was DX-100B on Phone - bad audio	distortion / oscillation)
> Rick, the DX-100 vfo  is not  very stable.  it  is OK  for AM.  using it on SSB would be a  real  challenge.  I   agree  with others,  use  something newer  on SSB.  Russ.


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