[AMRadio] SB-10 Modification (was DX-100B on Phone - bad audio distortion / oscillation)

Rick Poole wa1rkt at arrl.net
Fri Dec 9 18:50:05 EST 2011

At 06:11 PM 12/9/2011, wb3fau at att.net wrote:

>Rick, the DX-100 vfo  is not  very stable.  it  is OK  for 
>AM.  using it on SSB would be a  real  challenge.  I   agree  with 
>others,  use  something newer  on SSB.

Yeah, I'm backing out the SB-10 mod now.  Removed the (very FAT) coax 
that goes from the driver output to the farthest corner of the 
chassis to the coax connector that is supposed to go to the SB-10 
(but up to now, just goes to a jumper to another coax connector that 
goes to the finals grids), and replaced it with a 1" length of bare 
wire to the grids of the finals.  Now, from just that change, I get 
plenty of grid current whereas before I could only get about half of 
what I should get.  Still can't get it to give me the right 
indications for adjusting the clamping pot, though.  But, making progress.  :-)


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