[AMRadio] A Great Source for Quality Crystals for our Boat Anchor Transmitters

L L bahr pulsarxp at embarqmail.com
Mon Dec 19 20:15:16 EST 2011

Some of you guys may be interested in this source for boat anchor type crystals.  IQ Electronic Design in the UK sells used as well as new crystals made to order just for you.  Vincent Jakomin makes a few types but for our boat anchors, he makes real HC-6/U CRYSTALS.  I recently had him make two 7160 khz crystals for me in these holders.  I paid around $12 for each crystal and around $8.00 for postage to the US.  Vincent's Paypal account accepts payment in US dollars and converts it into his needed UK pounds.  His Paypal account is:  vincentvoy at fsmail.net 

These are not some small Asian crystal stuffed into an old FT-243 holder to appear to be a FT-243 crystal which chirp and could burn out in an old tube type transmitter.  HC-6/U crystals can handle almost as much current as a real FT-243 crystal.  Vince is a good guy selling quality crystals.  His e-mail address for contact information is:  vincentvoy at hotmail.co.uk  Of course, if you buy a bunch of them, the cost of shipping per crystal will go down. 

I think Vincent's pricing is very fair and he accepts small orders.  He needs around 2 weeks to fill his orders plus shipping time.

I am very pleased with his product and service as one of his customers.

Lee Bahr, w0vt
Houston, Texas

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