[AMRadio] Source Broadcast Xmtrs

James M. Walker chejmw at buffalo.edu
Fri Jun 10 13:57:00 EDT 2011

I have an RCA BTA-1M, Doesn't look like I'm going to be using it much
anymore. It has been cleaned up the bottom channels have been repainted.
The transformers are removed to facilitate "Easier" handling on the "BOX"!
Photo and clean-up job are here --> 
Make a reasonable offer pickup only!

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> This got me to thinking that I need to free up some space as I don't use
> these transmitters.
> I'm in NW Oregon near Rainier which is 45 miles from Portland and across 
> the
> river from Longview, WA.
> 20V-3 direct from position as backup TX.
> No adverse storage.
> Has original output network removed and boxed.
> Output network now is multi-band, 160-20, with rotary inductor and two
> vacuum caps.
> This reversible mod can be redone in original configuration.
> Difficult to obtain interstage plug-in networks.
> Dahl plate xformer.
> 99% done, just setup the interstage networks and begin initial testing.
> Very nice unit with no restoration needed.
> Gates BC-1T direct from position as backup TX.
> No adverse storage.
> Set up and on the air at 3870 KC.
> Very nice unit with no restoration needed.
> Rolynn
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