[AMRadio] Source Broadcast Xmtrs

Ron Youvan ka4inm at tampabay.rr.com
Sat Jun 11 21:26:09 EDT 2011

Bernie Doran wrote:

> " big iron limits the fidelity in ways that a rice box doesn't" what an interesting view, rice
> boxes cut off the lows and also cut off the mid and highs 300 to 2100 seems typical, so I guess
> if the definition of fidelity is 300 to 2100 then perhaps the big iron does limit fidelity. of
> course now someone will chip up and say we can only use 3 kc bandwidth, or that we need to
> conserve bandwidth, does it wear out after a period of time?

   No, would you like to have your audio bandwidth out to 5 kc?  Have a signal 10 kc wide? *
even with the rule:
Part 97 : Sec. 97.307 Emission standards
(a) No amateur station transmission shall occupy more bandwidth than necessary for the information
rate and emission type being transmitted, in accordance with good amateur practice.
   If you want REAL fidelity, try FM, see you on 29+ MHz.  (or 2 meters)

* if the next CARRIER (QSO) is 5 kc away the two sidebands will over lap and you will hear each 
others AND there will be a constant 5 kc tone while OM talks.  To avoid this you will have to stay 
10 kc from me and IF your receiver has wide bandwidth there will be a 10 kc whistle, which is why 
rice boxes usually have a 6 kc AM bandwidth
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