[AMRadio] Source Broadcast Xmtrs

Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Sat Jun 11 22:01:20 EDT 2011

I can tell you categorically that the FT-990  is very poor on AM.   For one thing, the ALC
cannot be  removed, leading to compression and  backwards modulation on audio peaks.   The
proper way to run a rice-box on  AM is to lift the ALC, so as to allow good positive
peaks.  As well, the '990, unless modified, has  poor audio bandwidth on AM.

Running a linear with the '990 will only produce about 250 to 350W carrier. Any decent big
AM rig will do that and more, with better fidelity.   I know  all this because  I own  a
'990,  a big linear, and some big "heavy iron". The "heavy iron" always wins out.


On 6/11/2011 9:04 PM, Ron Youvan wrote:
> Rob Atkinson wrote:
>     It wasn't a tirade, I was just spiking my mind.  I subscribed to learn.
> I have no problems with AM nets.  I do not believe an old "heavy iron" will produce a
better signal
> than my FT-990 and a linear amplifier, and the old "heavy iron" takes up 20 times the

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