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Mon Jun 13 13:55:55 EDT 2011

I was involved with armed forces radio in many parts of the world and 
never saw a BC 610. What they used back in the day were Bauer 50 watt 
transmitters with a 6146 final, Continental 1kw, 5kw,10kw,50kw, 100kw 
and 150kw transmitters, There were various German and French built 
transmitters and some other of the known American names of the day.

The BC 610 is a tank but has much more limited frequency response 
compared to a BC TX.

On 6/13/11 1:22 PM, rbethman wrote:
> I might also add that BC-610s and T-213s perform an excellent job on AM.
> Uncle Sam used them on The Armed Forces Network.
> There are those that refer to them as "garbage".  The same ones complain
> about the cost of 100THs, 250THs, and 2A3s.
> I've NOT had a problem getting them, NOR at a decent price.
> They do NOT have any fans, NOR do they need them.  They WILL run 24/7.
> One only needs to learn to tune and use them.
> They will hold a 400W carrier.  You control the modulation.  You CAN
> dial the carrier down.
> So what is wrong with these?
> Bob - N0DGN
> On 6/13/2011 10:30 AM, James M. Walker wrote:
>> Well,
>> I guess the START of this thread, was a Trojan Horse, because I got no
>> response
>> on my offer to sell my RCA BTA1-M, I think maybe it was a Phishing deal to
>> get this thread going Huh?
>> Jim
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: "Brian Harris"<cosmophone at yahoo.com>
>>> One would think that, if an exciter with AM modulation driving a tube or
>>> array
>>> of tubes operating in a linear mode was such a perfect solution, then
>>> manufacturers would have created such beasts to meet the demands of the
>>> many
>>> radio stations that wanting them.  Since plate modulated transmitters were
>>> in
>>> fact 'the' preferred broadcast solution prior to the introduction of
>>> semiconductors seems to validate precisely why they are still liked today.
>>> Brian Harris, WA5UEK, proud owner of a Collins KW-1 and RCA BTA1R1
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