[AMRadio] Source Broadcast Xmtrs

W2XJ w2xj at nyc.rr.com
Mon Jun 13 14:20:54 EDT 2011

Lets just say good people can disagree over what is adequate frequency 
response 400 hertz is way too high of a cut off. Typical rules for 
balanced frequency response would indicate a lower frequency of 125 to 
150 hertz more reasonable. This also indicates light iron in the mod path.

A link to those photos would be interesting. It sounds like some 
temporary setups.

On 6/13/11 2:06 PM, rbethman wrote:
> The frequency response is MORE than adequate for the human voice.
> The audio input transformer is rated from 400cps to 3500cps.
> There are pictures of AFRS in early days being operated with BC-610s.
> You have missed history! (Europe and Korea.)
> They also had an additional trailer to go up to 5KW output.
> I'll leave it at that.........
> Bob - N0DGN
> On 6/13/2011 1:55 PM, W2XJ wrote:
>> I was involved with armed forces radio in many parts of the world and
>> never saw a BC 610. What they used back in the day were Bauer 50 watt
>> transmitters with a 6146 final, Continental 1kw, 5kw,10kw,50kw, 100kw
>> and 150kw transmitters, There were various German and French built
>> transmitters and some other of the known American names of the day.
>> The BC 610 is a tank but has much more limited frequency response
>> compared to a BC TX.
>> On 6/13/11 1:22 PM, rbethman wrote:
>>> I might also add that BC-610s and T-213s perform an excellent job on AM.
>>> Uncle Sam used them on The Armed Forces Network.
>>> There are those that refer to them as "garbage".  The same ones complain
>>> about the cost of 100THs, 250THs, and 2A3s.
>>> I've NOT had a problem getting them, NOR at a decent price.
>>> They do NOT have any fans, NOR do they need them.  They WILL run 24/7.
>>> One only needs to learn to tune and use them.
>>> They will hold a 400W carrier.  You control the modulation.  You CAN
>>> dial the carrier down.
>>> So what is wrong with these?
>>> Bob - N0DGN
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