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Sun Jun 19 03:03:41 EDT 2011

If you use a broadcast processor it will have a phase scrambler which 
reduces asymmetry.

On 6/18/11 10:55 PM, Geoff Edmonson wrote:
> On 06/18/2011 09:47 PM, Gary Schafer wrote:
>> It doesn't matter what the modulation is. Single tone, two tone or voice.
>> 100% positive modulation of a 375 watt carrier still comes out to 1500 watts
>> PEP.
> 100%, yes.  But, if you've -got- natural asymmetrical audio coming out
> of your mouth, and your speech equipment, from the microphone through
> the modulator, to where the positive peaks have a Symmetry Ratio of 3 or
> 4, then keeping the PEP level DOWN to 1500w, means reducing the carrier
> by 100 or more watts.  So, in order to keep at 1500w PEP, if I have an
> SR of 4, that means 100w of carrier gives me a PEP reading of 1600w.
> 100% symmetrical audio is an SR of 2.  An SR of 3 means the positive
> peaks are reaching 3 to 1 on the scope, where the negative peaks are not
> pinching off the carrier.  If you start with a 100w carrer, then an SR
> of 2 = 400wpep.  The same 100w carrier with an SR of 3 = 800w PEP.  An
> SR of 4 is 1600w PEP output.
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