[AMRadio] Want ot Borrow 5100/5100B Manual

Larry WA9VRH wa9vrh at dishmail.net
Sun Jun 26 20:24:08 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I am looking for someone or ones that would let me borrow a B & W 5100 and 
B & W 5100B manual to scan.

The manual currently  on BAMA is not acceptable for human consumption.  No 
offense to the contributor!!

I will pay for the use, postage both ways, a security deposit, and 
references of manuals that I have scanned.

I will also give credit to those that have allowed me to scan their manual. 
I will also include a cd of the manual

to the ones that have helped me out.

Currently BAMA is in a state of flux, however when things are straightned 
out I will certainly upload a good

copy of the better manual to Ken.

PLEASE NO copies only originals!


Larry WA9VRH 

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