[AMRadio] Best product for noisy potentiometers?

Kim Elmore cw_de_n5op at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 19 20:23:42 EDT 2013

Thanks for all the recommendations. I decided to go with Caig Labs 
DeoxIt Faderlube, since it's specifically intended for this purpose.  
This is the same stuff that used to be called CaiLube MCL. Since it's 
specifically intended for this purpose and since I'm in no great hurry, 
I figure I might as well wait a few days and use something that someone 
bothered to formulate with this use in mind.

On a different topic: I use a T2X as my antenna rotor. I have two of 
them because it seems that, at some point, the direction indicator 
rheostat get's so dirty that my RotorEZ board can no longer deal with 
the noise and the "point-and-shoot" functionality fails. It's time to 
pull it down, bite the bullet and install the C.A.T.S. locking 
connectors and enjoy another session on the tower. And because it's a BX 
tower, using the connectors will necessitate drilling a hole in the base 
plate. OK, fine! I can deal with that. But I'd really like the rheostat 
to last a bit longer. Has anyone heard of using any of the DeoxIt 
products (I was thinking the S-series) on the rheostat wiper, or is this 
simply asking for more trouble, sooner?


Kim N5OP

On 4/19/2013 10:17 AM, Kimberly Elmore wrote:
> I have some noisy potentiometers on a Yeasu FRG-7700 receiver, along with a
> noisy RF gain pot on my HQ-170. What's the best stuff to apply to it to help
> clean and quiet these pots? I have two flavors of DeoxIt --D-series and
> S-series. Do I need the F-series for this, or is one of these a good choice, or
> is there something else better?
> Kim N5OP
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