[AMRadio] Best product for noisy potentiometers?

Jay Bromley jayw5jay at cox.net
Fri Apr 19 21:22:11 EDT 2013

HI Brian,
I don't know of anyone in Arkansas selling the Craig products.  I have
ordered Craig Labs products from Mouser and MCM electronics.  Even the old
Wise Wholesale here doesn't carry Craig Labs cleaners.  Sadly looks like the
internet is our best friend again!

BTW, I love lurking on this list.  Thanks Brian!  73 de w5jay/jay..

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Hey Jay!

Good to see you on here for once in a blue moon.  I know you have been on
the list for a while, but don't see you post a lot.

Do you know if there is anyone in Arkansas that sells Deoxit anymore?
Especially some place near Conway.  I want the brush on stuff.  Anyway, I
can order it, but just curious...

So good to see everyone helping each other on here.  Kim, I'm sure you can
bank on the ideas of most everyone on this list.  This is one the _best_
reflectors for ham radio, however I might be a little biased...

Brian / w5ami

On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 7:13 PM, Jay Bromley <jayw5jay at cox.net> wrote:

> HI Kim nice to see you on this reflector!
> I have been using the Craig DeoxIT D100 for years now.  I also have 
> the P5 and G5 spray cans from Craig as well, but I don't use them 
> anymore.  On their web site they talk about using this one for 
> cleanup, another potion for finish and still another one for 
> maintenance.  I have never found that necessary.  So in summary, once 
> I use the DeoIT D100 100 % of the time and I am done!  One of the 75A4 
> pots has lasted since 30 years ago without a repeat squirt, hi.  Turns 
> like glass with no noise!  That good enough for me.  :-)
> BTW, I have WD-40 too, but seems like in the past would have to repeat 
> the adventure at some point.  Still use it for fence post hinges and 
> clean up, hi.
> 73 de w5jay/jay..
> I have some noisy potentiometers on a Yeasu FRG-7700 receiver, along 
> with a noisy RF gain pot on my HQ-170. What's the best stuff to apply 
> to it to help clean and quiet these pots? I have two flavors of DeoxIt 
> --D-series and S-series. Do I need the F-series for this, or is one of 
> these a good choice, or is there something else better?
> Kim N5OP

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