[AMRadio] Hammarlund HX-50 problem

Rsauvan rsauvan at beyondbb.com
Sat Apr 20 09:12:41 EDT 2013

Hi all,
I bought a Hammarlund HX-50 a couple of weeks ago and fired it up. Had to replace a couple of tubes but other than that it fired right up. It wouldnt load up at first so I deoxed eveything a ton of times and it came to life and had full output on all bands. But, it seems to be very intermittent. It wont always load up. When it doesnt load up, I find the PA Cathode current is at 50 ma like it should be, but when I put it in MOX to start tuning, the PA Cathode current goes up to 75-80 ma by itself and the drive control does nothing to adjust it. I am supposed to be able to adjust the current on the meter at that point to get it to 100 ma. PA tuning and PA load do nothing at this point either of course. I am very new to this old radio fixer uppers so I am looking for any suggestions as to what I might look into next to try to solve the problem. I realize it could be a million things, but since it does work off and on maybe that would narrow down the search for a cure a bit faster? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Estes Park, CO

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