[AMRadio] Best product for noisy potentiometers / How to salvage the contents of inoperative aerosol spray can?

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sun Apr 21 20:12:21 EDT 2013

<<I guess my biggest problem with Caig is that they make seemingly 100
different versions of contact cleaner.  It is like going to the store to get
a tube of Colgate toothpaste and you have 20 different versions of something
that you just want to put on a brush and brush your teeth with.  (I gave up
on Colgate years ago and go in and get Pepsodent--one brand one "version"
bang, I'm done and it's cheap too) D5, D100 P5 this that all to clean
contacts and wipers?  I just want to get a can of Deoxit and be done.  This
shouldn't be a purchase project like buying a car.  I don't want to spend an
hour studying the different formulations; I just want to spray the stuff and
clean a switch.  I'm surprised there isn't 30 different types of WD-40 by
 Hush up Rob, they might be subscribed to this email list and get ideas.


Just like house paint.  Sherwin Williams has a zillion different grades and
a wide ranges of prices. A local brand, made in Memphis. just has one grade
of each: interior, exterior each available in oil or acrylic latex,
flat/satin/gloss. Little or no price difference per gallon.  I go with  the
local stuff for the exact same reason. I just want a good quality paint that
will last about 10 years without having to read through all the hype trying
to figure out which grade is best and most cost effective for the job.

I picked up a tiny bottle of De-oxit at Dayton one year. Very expensive for
the amount of liquid.  Wasn't impressed at all by its performance. IMO not
as effective as WD-40 for cleaning pots and switch contacts.

I have a couple of spray cans of WD-40 that are still half full, but the
spray nozzle doesn't work anymore.  Not a problem with the little red
plastic nozzle cap; I took it off and when I push in the nozzle tube it
still won't spray.  Must be clogged up internally. I saved the cans in hope
of salvaging the fluid.  Haven't figured out the best way to do it. Maybe
taking a gallon jug, driving a small nail into the can, and letting it spray
itself out into the jug? All aerosols have a dire safety warning not to
puncture the can.  What else could happen other than  having it squirt out
uncontrollably and getting it sprayed all over everything?  I would
definitely do this outside, wearing eye protection.

I  have found PB Blaster better than WD-40 for loosening rusty and corroded
hardware.  But man, does that stuff stink!

Don k4kyv

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