[AMRadio] A funny spray can salvage story

Eddy Swynar deswynar at xplornet.ca
Mon Apr 22 14:25:25 EDT 2013

On 2013-04-22, at 1:39 PM, CL in NC wrote:

> Many years ago at NAS JAX, Fla, the spray paint cans that were purchased under contract came in all manner of product cans.  Since, in addition to paint,we also had wonderful degreasers like Naptha and MEK, just laying around for our enjoyment, we would strip the paint off the outside of the cans to reveal cans initially destined for hair spray, and  bug killer companies, which made their way to some unknown paint manufacturer to be filled, have their silkscreened can logos covered up with paint, labeled and sold to the governement.  One rather frugal or perhaps deranged fellow, loved to cut the cans open after the gas was gone, and retrieve the mixing ball.  There was always paint left in the cans, and he would pour it into a plastic bottle with a screw lid. One day at his bench, he decided he wanted to use his collection of paint to touch up the cabinet of the radar he was working on.  He picked up the bottle and gave it a good shake.  Needless
> to say, he, and all of us within laughing distance, learned that the propellent used in spray paint, apparently stays suspended in the paint somehow.  You would have thought he set off a paint grenade in his hand.  Screw top blew off, the paint flew out all over the bench and even up to the 15 ft high ceiling.  What a mess, comedic show, and fuel for harassment for years afterward.

Here's one that's true, too, & happened back some 36 years ago when I was still living at home with my mother & father...

My Mom & I were in the living room of the house, casually talking about nothing of consequence, when all of a sudden my father burst into the room by way of an adjoining door off the hallway that connected to the garage. He was absolutely livid, too---his arrival preceded him by the roars of anger & cursing that were being hurled in MY specific direction.

Yet, as soon as strode into the room to confront me, both my mother & I BURST into peels of uncontrollable laughter---all of which only served to make Pops even madder! There he was, bedecked in his coveralls to spray paint some portion of the lawn mower---and his entire face & bald head (save for the two white patches circling both eyes), WAS SPRAY PAINTED GLOSS BLACK! He looked exactly like a black-faced Al Jolson did in the movie "The Jazz Singer"...!

Seems what had happened was yours truly had used the black gloss enamel spray can days before---but I neglected to INVERT the can when I was done, to clear the thing by spraying it momentarily in that position. In the intervening time betwixt then & that fateful day, Pops---noticing that the spray can wouldn't spray---took it upon himself to OPEN the base of the can WITH A CAN OPENER! Needless-to-say, the very second he pierced the thing, it sprayed back at him in a sudden flash & with a vengeance.

Lucky for him (and me!) that he was wearing his eye glasses at the time, because I swear, my Mom & I were quite ready to accompany him in a rendition of "Mammy", had he been in the mood to warble...

~73~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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