[AMRadio] Best product for noisy potentiometers?

Jay Bromley jayw5jay at cox.net
Mon Apr 22 20:36:42 EDT 2013

Hi Rob,
I understand  your pain on so many different types, hi.  

I was given a few DexoIT RED in both bottle refill and a pin/needle bottle.
Without naming names, I can say both the FAA and Xerox uses Craig Labs
products.  That is the D5L "treatment" is in a bottle with a small needle
oiler.  For places I can't get I use the D100 in a spray bottle.  I think
the D5L with the needle oiler may have more oxidation solution compare to
the spray.  Still both work FB for me.

They are talking about Craig products on another reflector, one guy says to
use the RED for treatment and follow up with the Gold.  Even though I have
both the P5 called PerservIT or the  "Protector" and the G5 called ProGold
or "Conditioning Treatment" I haven't used them.  The spray cans are
probably so old they wouldn't work now anyway.  I have always used the Red
compounds and never found the need to use anything else.   

So in summary I always use the RED D100 or D5L.  

I didn't know about Craig Labs until K7VZP mentioned them to me.  The first
time I bought both was back in the 80s and it was expensive then.  However
both lasted me for over 20 years, one squirt or drop and I was done.  So in
the long run they are not very expensive unless you are used to using them
like a can of WD-40 and drowning the part.  My experience has been any
scratchy pot I came across D100 or D5L fixed it for good.   Even the feel
was better and like glass afterwards.  Maybe I was lucky or the pot wasn't
that damaged to begin with?  I have replaces a few wire would pots like used
for Johnson drive controls.  FWIW, I don't know how many cans of WD40 I used
during that same time period.  We must have two cans around the house now!
Anytime I used other brands like WD40 they all had to be redone again at
some point or like Jim said replace.  Ask any of the antique or audio guys
restoring old gear and only one name comes up!  That is my 3 cents worth on
this subject.

You mileage may vary!!  73 de jay/w5jay..

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From: Rob Atkinson [mailto:ranchorobbo at gmail.com] 

I have a can of D5.

I guess my biggest problem with Caig is that they make seemingly 100
different versions of contact cleaner.  It is like going to the store to get
a tube of Colgate toothpaste and you have 20 different versions of something
that you just want to put on a brush and brush your teeth with.  (I gave up
on Colgate years ago and go in and get Pepsodent--one brand one "version"
bang, I'm done and it's cheap too) D5, D100 P5 this that all to clean
contacts and wipers?  I just want to get a can of Deoxit and be done.  This
shouldn't be a purchase project like buying a car.  I don't want to spend an
hour studying the different formulations; I just want to spray the stuff and
clean a switch.  I'm surprised there isn't 30 different types of WD-40 by
 Hush up Rob, they might be subscribed to this email list and get ideas.



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