[AMRadio] Search for a valiant

James R. La Frieda lafrieda at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 25 23:45:19 EDT 2013

Have a  Viking Valiant, a Viking II, a B&W 5100, a B&W 5100B, and an 

Hands down, totally agree with Bob, W9RAN, that the B&W 5100B with a 
pair of 6146's modulating a pair of 6146's in the final , has the best 
audio - of all of the above !

Whereas  - there are several Valiants, Viking II's and Apache's that 
come up for sale on E-Bay, that's not the case for the B&W 5100 B.

You will be lucky to see a B&W 5100B  and its SSB Adaptor appear about 
once a year on E-Bay - if at all.

If you see one for sale in excellent condx, and you are interested in 
having a winner on AM - buy it !

73's Jim( N6MV)

On 4/25/2013 7:39 PM, Donald Chester wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 11:06 AM, Jerry Kidd <wa4jk at hughes.net> wrote:
>> I'm surching for a good solid valiant. I only need 100w plate mod'er.
>> Anyone have A good one close to Huntsville al. They want to part with.
>> Thanks Jerry kidd WA4JK Sent from my iPhone
> <<Hi Jerry,
> If you only  need 100 watts, I'd search for a DX-100, Viking 2 or Viking 1.
> My initial preference would be for the V 1.
> 73
> Rob
> K5UJ>>
> I second that.  The Valiant probably has the worst audio section of any of
> the classic plate modulated AM ham rigs, except maybe for the Apache.  At
> least  Apache audio can be cleaned up and I have heard a few that sounded
> pretty good.  About the only way to get a Valiant to sound good and make
> near 100% modulation is to completely re-work the audio section, or use an
> outboard speech amplifier and modulator altogether.  The Valiant modulation
> transformer has too much step-down, 6146s make notoriously bad modulator
> tubes and the speech amplifier/driver stages are poorly designed.
> Don k4kyv
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