[AMRadio] Fragile

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sun Dec 1 06:30:33 EST 2013

Charlie and the gang - Never ship radios with USPS!

I once sent a classic radio to a friend in Japan and it didn't arrive. 
Some months later we filed a claim for loss.  After another 12 months the post office finally 
paid the loss claim but it was a miserable experience. 

I once bought a radio that arrived badly damaged and they REFUSED to pay the insurance 
claim. It was a truly horrible experience that involved our congressman and still they did 
almost nothing. They made me bring the package to them and leave it with them. Then they 
lost it. It was insured for the full value but they eventually paid some minimal amount like 
$100.00 which was not good for a $900.00 radio.

For us it's Fedex every time. No shipper will guarantee any special treatment when you use a 
FRAGILE sticker however, we do use them in the hopes that it gets the attention of some 
kind or thoughtful  employee. We very, very rarely have any problems, but we use good 
packing materials too.


Bry AF4K

On 30 Nov 2013 at 21:20, CL in NC wrote:

> Did you know that you can write, stamp, or sticker the word Fragile
> on a box sent via USPS, but if you don't tell the postal worker that
> the item is indeed fragile and then they stamp it with the official
> red 'FRAGILE' stamp that has the letters in outline form, the USPS
> does not consider it fragile?  Since it is not officially identified
> as fragile, any claims for damage will lead you down that proverbial
> 'long row to how' before you get to the end and any possible
> reimbursement.  Learned the hard way on this one.
> Charlie, W4MEC in NC
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