[AMRadio] Fragile

james.liles at comcast.net james.liles at comcast.net
Sun Dec 1 13:17:47 EST 2013

Every one of those carriers has a BLACK LIST populated with addresses of
folks who have incessantly and possibly unnecessarily bad mouthed them. 
will usually find coffee, beer, footprints, graffiti, pet mice, bed bugs,
and an invitation to a kick the box down the road party on or inserted into
a hole in the box --- relabeled SURPRISE PACKAGE.

Pack em right.  The rule is, the box has to tolerate a drop of 3 feet at any
angle.  If it can't handle that, hand carry it in the little red wagon and

Had all kinds of damage to the container but never to the contents.

Have a great day.  Kindest regards Jim K9AXN

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I agree with Bry, FedEx is the way to go.  USPS will do a pretty good job if
its really packed well.. UPS can and will destroy a stainless steel anvil


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