[AMRadio] Fragile--- surprise shippers.

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Dec 1 19:16:25 EST 2013

How is the freight transported John?  Are they a shipping point for a 
freight forwarding company or do they haul the stuff themselves?  Just 


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>I just had a 65 lb Maytag gas engine skidded, shrink wrapped and shipped 
>from Iowa to NC for $60 total (including the skid and the skidding). Check 
>with your local Fastenal store for details... they're shippers as well as 
>hardware sellers.  Who knew?
> The engine shipped with a 30's spark plug projecting prominently from the 
> cylinder hear and poking thru the shrink wrap. It was still in perfect 
> shape when it arrived in NC
> John K5MO

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