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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Dec 1 23:00:10 EST 2013

So it was carried to the store nearest the destination by the Fastenal 
trucks they use to deliver internal orders to the store?

One other incidental piece of information.  The "insurance" provided by the 
freight companies is not truly insurance in the traditional form.  They 
provide damage or loss coverage based on the weight of the item and that 
amount is very low.

They are bound by the rules of the ICC like household movers.  The 
additional coverage they sell you is above and beyond that basic coverage 
and is also governed by the same rules.  Loss or damage coverage is a big 
money maker for them for the lose or damage few packages compared to the 
volume they carry.  The whole thing can get pretty sticky.

Any contract shipper that accepts UPS or FedEx packages may provide 
traditional insurance, but be sure and ask them before you count on that. 
Sometimes they simply send the package and pay you for any damage out of 
their pocket.  That is rare, most of them have a insurance policy with an 
insurance company for their work and transit of the package.

There are insurance companies independent of shippers that will sell per 
item policies or provide a yearly policy and the premium is usually cheaper 
than buying from coverage from the shipper if you send a lot of packages.

No matter who provides the coverage, if you receive a damaged piece, keep 
the items and packing materials for inspection.  Sometimes with expensive 
equipment they will want to see that residue before they pay, then many 
times they will refuse because of poor packing.  That has been my 

Today UPS and FedEx have contracts with large shippers which provides no 
coverage at all.  Those shippers simply replace any damaged or missing items 
in exchange for very low rate.  Then it repair or replacement depends 
entirely on the seller.


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>I have exactly ONE data point but this was a very successful one.  You drop 
>your stuff off at a Fastenal store, they pack and  deliver it to the 
>nearest store to your destination ..............where it's picked  up. In 
>my case they placed the skid in my pickup with a fork lift.

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