[AMRadio] Fragile

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Dec 2 19:16:55 EST 2013

>>If you ship an item and it gets damaged it's because it wasn't packed good
enough, PERIOD.>>

Very often the case, but not always. I have packed transmitting tubes
exceptionally well, and the box still arrived with rounded corners and the
filament destroyed in transit. Maybe Eimac was onto something during WWII
when they shipped 250THs for BC-610s in a metal frame suspended by springs.
I remember a ham telling me he had a modulation transformer shipped, bolted
down to the bottom of a wooden crate, and when it arrived the shippers had
managed to crack one of the cast-iron end bells.

>>It's not the Post Offices, UPS's of FedX's job to worry about what's
inside your box. Their job is to move it from point A to point B, that's

That may be what they tell you, but customers pay the exorbitant fee charged
these days for transporting a parcel, to have it arrive with the contents
undamaged. The shipper does have a responsibility to handle it with
reasonable care.

Sometimes the problem lies with disgruntled  employees. Back in the 70s I
used to occasionally work on equipment at Logan Airport in Boston. One
afternoon I arrived to service a unit in the luggage handling area of the
American Airlines terminal. While I was there, the shift changed, and a new
baggage handler arrived with attitude written all over his face the moment
he appeared, dragging his knuckles through the door. Maybe his boss had just
chewed him out, or he had a fight with his wife before leaving for work, but
for whatever reason, as soon as he walked in, he randomly grabbed a suitcase
off the conveyer belt by the handle, deliberately slammed it down on the
concrete floor as hard as he could, stomped it a couple of times with his
feet, and  then tossed it about 15 feet into the pile at the end of the
belt. The other employees just looked at him and chuckled. I was tempted to
report the incident to someone in the main office, but I stayed out of the
fray since they probably would have easily figured out who the
whistle-blower was and I already had enough to deal with on that job.

Don k4kyv

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