[AMRadio] DX100 Accessory socket

Roland Hull w5sum at comcast.net
Thu Dec 5 09:25:22 EST 2013

Alright men, I need some help here, I have only a partial manual for a dx100 with no schematic in it. Currently I can't seem to download squat, guess comcast is playing  up again.

So what I need to know is this.  Are there jumpers that have to be in place on the accessory socket for the rig to work. Most rigs do.

The manual references a 'remote b+ switch' using four contacts on that accessory plug but it doesn't clearly state if jumpers have to be there for the rig to work if not using a remote switch.

My DX100 has no grid drive at all.. n uttin..

I have plate voltage when the B+ switch is switched at the front panel.

all tubes check good.

Thanks in advance and 73's

Ronnie W5SUM

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