[AMRadio] Fwd: Filters for DX100

James R. La Frieda lafrieda at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 7 08:40:11 EST 2013

Hi Ron,

One of the best sources of electrolytic capacitors, as well as other 
capacitors, e.g. orange dips to replace leaky vintage paper capacitors, 
is JustRadios.com

Taking a quick look at what Justradios.com has in a can with solder lugs 
at the bottom of the can, they have for sale:

150 uF @ 500V Can $8.49 ,and if you wanted to bypass using a can and 
simply replace it by using an axial, then they have 150 uF 450V axial.$7.99

Either of the above can be used to replace the 125 ufd@ 450V that is in 
the DX-100.

All the Best,

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Subject: 	[AMRadio] Filters for DX100
Date: 	Sat, 7 Dec 2013 04:03:41 -0600
From: 	Roland Hull <w5sum at comcast.net>
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Gentlemen I once again ask for your assistance

does anyone know of a source for the 125 UF 450 volt can electrolytics used in the HV section of a DX 100? There are
two of them, about 1 1/2" in diameter and 3" tall and they are insulated on the outside with cardboard.

these are the only caps needed for this transmitter that I
have not been able to locate.

thanks in advance and God bless

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