[AMRadio] equipment for sale

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Dec 7 17:32:04 EST 2013

I have a friend who is not a member of this group who has some equipment he wants to sell.  If you have any interest then send me a message and I will provide pictures.

Globe Champion 350 still using the AX 9909s.  Clean unit with only a few chips of paint off the front panel.  Electrolytic caps and out of tolerance resistors have been changed.  The Chassis looks like new. Formerly owned by W7FG.  $500.

R 388  Serial number according to the owner is #109 and includes an original manual.  He reports the BFO knob is frozen but the unit works well otherwise.. $275.

DX 60B with two 40 meter crystals both in the CW portion and one 80 meter Crystal included.  Very clean unit.  $95 

Shipping will be extra.  The cost of shipment is terrible and really not recommended.  Pick up in Amarillo, TX or within a couple hours drive is possible.  Thursday of next week I will be meeting the owner and can bring things back to Southern Oklahoma where it can be picked up or I will meet you within an hours drive of Ardmore, OK


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