[AMRadio] Trouble brewing in the AM Window (or "Ghetto" if you prefer)

C.L. Mitchell rsq14adam1 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 11 19:36:57 EST 2013

Remember one of the basic rules for jamming:  Ignore it and continue to operate.


Also, did anyone else hear the CW 'test   test   test" on 3885 last night??  Didn't write down the time.  At least I think it was CW;  keying was slow and irregular.


Mitch,  K9PNP

> From: k4kyv at charter.net
> To: amradio at mailman.qth.net
> Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2013 12:56:30 -0600
> Subject: [AMRadio] Trouble brewing in the AM Window (or "Ghetto" if you prefer)
> Looks like the SSB group that normally inhabits 3892 has recently been
> moving down to 3890 later in the evening after about 0400Z, and then
> complaining about AM and the "splatter" from the AM QSO on 3885 (well,
> duh!). Both analogue and digital SSTV have appeared on '90 and on top of the
> AM QSO on '85, as well as sound effects and music. By that hour in the
> evening, the band is usually completely unoccupied from 3890 all the way to
> 3900 and sometimes above, so the only reason for this move appears to be to
> antagonise the AMers on 3885.
> I suggest not acknowledging or even mentioning the miscreants or
> complaining over the air about their deliberate QRM, but simply staying put
> on '85 (as long as we were there first), while making sure there is plenty
> of fire in the wire. With my receiving equipment and array of receiving
> antennas, I can usually tune them completely out and read the AM station I
> am talking to, 100%.
> Don k4kyv
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