[AMRadio] trouble Brewing in AM Window

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Dec 11 20:04:34 EST 2013

> From: W5AMI <ars.w5ami at gmail.com>

> Much of that (14313) has to do the the "Language issue/1st amendment", 
> and
> a Canadian issue.  I know that has been frustrating for a lot of 
> folks, as
> well as me, but I can tell you the FCC has recently "gotten" to a lot 
> of
> the USA ops on that freq.  Unfortunately foul language is a very gray 
> area
> in the courts now.

One thing we must remember is that no-one has claim to any specific 
frequency, so the slopbucketeers have just as much right to a frequency 
as we do. Just because they have moved closer to the usual AM operating 
frequency, obviously just to antagonise the AMers, doesn't mean they 
don't have a right to operate there. Contacting the FCC on that issue 
would probably result only  in more scrutiny on our own operation.

Deliberate interference is another matter. The slow-scan TV signal 
dropped on top of an ongoing AM QSO is just that. Unfortunately, the 
rule that once required modes like SSTV and RTTY to ID in voice or morse 
code has apparently been dropped, so unless we have the proper decoding 
equipment, we have no way to tell who is transmitting one of those 
modes, even if they  legally ID in the mode they are transmitting.

Last night I was monitoring in the vicinity of 3885, and the SSTV jammer 
dropped a signal on top of the ongoing SSB QSO on 3890. This may have 
been only a smokescreen to throw any AMers off who might be listening, 
or else the miscreant might be getting his jollies out of interfering 
with anyone, regardless of mode or whatever group one associates with. 
This afternoon, I was listening to a QSO between a couple of AMers in 
the northeast on 3885 with no interference or adjacent channel QSO. 
After they signed off, the frequency was perfectly clear. I listened for 
a while, and no-one else appeared on the frequency. I tuned up and made 
a brief test, and almost immediately, the SSTV signal appeared, centred 
on about 3888 kc/s. I ignored it and called CQ, and Roy, KB5MD 
responded. We started our QSO, and then the SSTV moved to the opposite 
side of us, to about 3882. With the synchronous detector and selectivity 
in the 75A4, I was able to read Roy 100% and completely null out the 
interference. Then a couple of other stations, one in AL and the other 
in TX called in, and I had no problem receiving, although the SSTV was 
still there; pretty obvious that the interference was intentional.

My suggestion, to paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt: "Strap softly and turn up 
the wick".

Don k4kyv

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