[AMRadio] Rtrouble Brewing in AM Window

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Dec 11 22:34:28 EST 2013

> From: "Brett Gazdzinski" <b.gaz at comcast.net>

> I think some people on 3875 were asking for it, and enjoy the fight.
> 20KHz wide, or wider, and very strong signals is bad practice on a 
> crowded band, and the receivers in use seem to allow any ssb that is 
> within 7 KHz to bring complaints about jamming and so on.
> Both sides seem to have little to really talk about except the other.
> My only beef is that the AM guys take out everything from 3865 to 3885 
> at least, on the best receivers you can get these days.

It's not just AM vs SSB. This situation probably bothers more AMers than 
it does SSB ops. Timtron dropped down one evening and tried to inject 
some constructive criticism when one of the stations was buck-shotting 
20 kc/s each side of his carrier frequency, and got flamed by the 
offending operator. He later told me that it bothered him that we are 
now seeing so much squabbling by AMers against other AMers.

So now, in the evening it may be impossible to work 3880 because of the 
splatter from 3875, and on 3885 we still have that  same splatter, plus 
the splatter from the slopbucketeers who intentionally moved down from 
3892 to 3890 to cause trouble, not to mention the deliberate jamming 
with the SSTV signal. This sort of thing is the main reason I don't 
often work inside the Window/Ghetto in the early evening hours, but 
prefer hanging out lower in the band in the vicinity of 3700, or else on 
160. One of the problems with the "window" is that even without 
excessively wide signals, you may hear simultaneous AM QSOs on 3875, 
3880 and 3885, and 5 kc/s separation is not enough for two AM signals to 
operate side by side without some sideband overlap. 7 kc/s separation is 
about the minimum for uncluttered copy.

Don k4kyv

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