[AMRadio] Rtrouble Brewing in AM Window

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Good thinking and always a good thing to be sure you follow the rules first.
For the first ten years or so I had my license...I don't remember any of this crap.
You know why....because FCC would not put up with it then!
Also, we didn't have many of the types that are a problem today.

Lee Simmonds
Summit DCS LLC
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I was on 3.880 AM last night and there was one guy there that was the 
widest that i have ever heard on the band in my life he went from 3.880 
to 3.893 and down to 3.867. He was out of 4 land. I know if i take and 
get that wide I will have a letter in the mail or worse. I do not see 
how this is happening but I for one know that I look out for me and make 
sure that I am with in the limits. As I know it will take a little time 
but it will come to be that in the end they will get shut down. So 
trying to get in a power war with the ones that are splattering all over 
the band or are doing all these funny little noises will get theirs. 
Those of you that were around back in 2000 or so when they had the 
trouble on 3.853 with the new guys that moved in on 3.854 and it started 
to be a power war in the end there were 3 people that lost all their 
gear and were fined over it. So I for one will keep myself clean and let 
the others fight if they want.

Brian, I totally agree. Clean up your own act...but intentional 
interference to pick a fight is not the same as un-intentional problems. 
If any OP gets info he/she's signal is out of order, they should 
immediately fix it. Any mode...does not matter. Last night on 40 SSB 
around 7145 I found a SSB guy that was over 8 KC wide. Things happen all 
over the bands. But here what are talking about is trying to run off a 
particular group just because they run AM. Not right. Making mistakes & 
fixing them is one thing. The FCC should nail people doing INTENTIONAL 
interference! The issue is getting worse all over. We get it on our nice 
little group almost every night 40m SSB everyone pretty narrow, good 
operators. It's time for FCC to make a few examples out of the low life 
operators! 73, Lee -----Original Message----- From: W5AMI 
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am the OOC (Official Observer Coordinator) in my section, but I am also 
an advocate for AM. I could request the OO's to monitor this situation, 
BUT, I would also request that the AM'ers be on their best if I do. I 
can't really get involved personally since it would be found I am an 
advocate for AM, and might appear biased. If I open this can of worms, 
the AM'ers need to be aware of their operation as well, or you might get 
a card too, or even an FCC citation. I know for a fact their are some 
(AM'ers) in my local area that operate on the very fringe of good 
amateur practice, sometimes way over that, and I detest it. Of course I 
also detest the guys on SSB that hate us. In reality, there is not much 
a simple OO can do with unidentified interference, but if there are 
enough recordings, etc., made, it will be turned to the FCC. Only thing 
is; the AM'ers need to behave as well, as they will be recorded as well. 
I will do what I can, but all I ask is everyone be gentlemen, and for 
the time being IGNORE the nuts and say nothing. We, the AM'ers must do 
our best to behave our best, watch your bandwidth, IMD, etc. We have a 
right to be there as any others do. 73 Brian / w5ami On Wed, Dec 11, 
2013 at 5:20 PM, <W4AWM at aol.com> wrote:
>> Call Riley Hollingsworth.  I'll bet he has some secret contacts that  can
>> take care of things. He would never let this get by on his watch!
>> 73,
>>   John,  W4AWM
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