[AMRadio] Trouble Brewing in AM Windos

W. Harris nbcblue at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 13 00:07:10 EST 2013

I was licensed in 1961 and SSB was becoming popular. There were constant wars between Ancient Modulation (AM) and the Slippery Slop Bucket (SSB) ops. One ham who ran a high power AM station, I believe he was in Penn., came out with his SSB eliminator. It consisted of a small motor driven capacitor place next to the VFO capacitor in his transmitter. It rotated and FM modulate his carrier a few cycles. The varying freq would drive the SSBers nuts as they could not notch it out, but had little effect in listening to his AM signal. However the FCC soon frowned upon his novel invention and that was the end of that. So when SSB began to move in there was a war between the two modes until SSB became the major mode of operation and AM pretty much faded into the back ground. Now with an upsurge in interest in AM there seems to be those who simply can't leave well enough alone, even though the AMers only operate on a few frequencies leaving plenty of room for other modes. You will find jerks just about everywhere.

Bill - K5MIL


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