[AMRadio] Trouble brewing in the AM Window (or "Ghetto" if youprefer)

Mike Sawyer w3slk at verizon.net
Sun Dec 15 11:03:00 EST 2013

Now, if you want to know one of the 'real' reasons there is QRMing on AM 
QSO's, it is because we are our own worst enemy! Case in point: Whilst in a 
SSB QSO with Joe, N3IBX, this morning an AM group came up and parked right 
next to us. We had a QSO going on for about 5 minutes before any crap came 
down. We were at 3836, the came in at 3835. Needless to say we were both 
severely pissed! 2kc's I might be able to understand but not 1! I am one of 
the first people to jump up slam someone if they are intentionally QRMing an 
AMer, but damn it, I deserve a little courtesy also! We really need to be 
cognizant of our surroundings or there will be more people "hell bent for 
leather," willing to pile on that new proposal the ARRgghhL just submitted 
to the FCC.

End of Rant!

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