[AMRadio] Globe King 500B Back Door Needed

pete zilliox pete at zilliox.net
Sun Dec 15 12:35:33 EST 2013

I'm hoping ya'll can direct me to someone that might have a back door for
the GK 500B type cabinet I might purchase.  Those cabinets were common and
perhaps there is a similar cabinet out there.  The back door opening is
approx 19" x 28" and has hinges on the right side as you're looking at the
back.  My GK500B restoration project is coming along slowly, but within
several months I hope to have her on the air sitting on top of the EF
Johnson Desk as a back-up rig.  Bob Sullivan, W0YVA, did a spectacular job
re-silk screening the three front panels for me.  They look better than
factory new!  I'm now working on the three chassis, following guidance and
notes that Mike, WA5CMI posted to the internet.
Best Season's Greetings,
Club Station: WA6DYC
k5pz at arrl.net
Huntington Beach, CA

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