[AMRadio] Trouble brewing in the AM Window (or "Ghetto" if youprefer)

Larry Szendrei ne1s at securespeed.us
Sun Dec 15 15:01:16 EST 2013

> On 12/15/13 11:03 AM, Mike Sawyer wrote:
>> Now, if you want to know one of the 'real' reasons there is QRMing on AM
>> QSO's, it is because we are our own worst enemy! Case in point: 
>> Whilst in a
>> SSB QSO with Joe, N3IBX, this morning an AM group came up and parked 
>> right
>> next to us. We had a QSO going on for about 5 minutes before any crap 
>> came
>> down. We were at 3836, the came in at 3835. Needless to say we were both
>> severely pissed! 2kc's I might be able to understand but not 1! I am 
>> one of
>> the first people to jump up slam someone if they are intentionally 
>> QRMing an
>> AMer, but damn it, I deserve a little courtesy also! We really need 
>> to be
>> cognizant of our surroundings or there will be more people "hell bent 
>> for
>> leather," willing to pile on that new proposal the ARRgghhL just 
>> submitted
>> to the FCC.
>> End of Rant!
>> Mike(y)
>> W3SLK
> Nice rant, Mike(y)! :-)
> If it was 8:30 EST this morning when the AM group fired up un 3835 
> KHz, it was no doubt the "AM Carrier Net," which I have been known to 
> occasionally join. I know nets don't own frequencies, and it's 
> first-come, first served. But it's a difficult problem, because if the 
> net tries to move a few KHz, assuming there's space to do so, 
> invariable someone else on the other end will get PO'd. The best (but 
> still imperfect) solution, I think, would be for the 1st AMer to come 
> on the net frequency to LISTEN, and then break into any QSO they might 
> interfere with, let those folks know about the regular net, and then 
> kindly ask them if they would be willing to move, or join the net.
> 73,
> -Larry/NE1S

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