[AMRadio] WRL Globe king FS on QTH

Robert Nickels ranickel at comcast.net
Sun Dec 15 15:12:19 EST 2013

On 12/15/2013 1:22 PM, Jim Tonne wrote:
> Single sideband with carrier is pure single sideband (with carrier). 

Corrrect, vestigal sideband is different.     In radio, a single 
sideband with full or partial carrier is usually called AME or AM 
Equivalent mode.   It was officially used in marine HF radio for some 
time during the transition from full-carrier AM to SSB to maintain a 
level of compatibility with older AM receivers that lacked a BFO or 
product detector.    Because a phase insensitive (envelope) detector is 
used, distortion is higher, or in amateur terminology, "sounds like 
crap".  Some ham gear manufacturers included it but any SSB rig can 
generate AME by just unbalancing the balanced modulator.   Early 
transceivers like the Swans explained how to do so to support AM 
operation but since there was no separate AM detector, you had to 
zero-beat the carrier on receive.

Marine SSB radios often provided an AM detector and choice of two levels 
of carrier, and many military radios also provided AME to allow 
reception by AM receivers.    The term "Compatible SSB" is also used.

73, Bob W9RAN

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