[AMRadio] Trouble brewing in the AM Window (or "Ghetto" if youprefer)

manualman at juno.com manualman at juno.com
Sun Dec 15 16:24:31 EST 2013

The simple solution is that the net should have designated alternate
frequencies if the "regular" net frequency area is busy. It would be hard
to believe that at 8:30 AM EST, the 75 meter band is overrun with lots of

Pete, wa2cwa

On Sun, 15 Dec 2013 15:01:16 -0500 Larry Szendrei <ne1s at securespeed.us>
> >
> > If it was 8:30 EST this morning when the AM group fired up un 3835 
> > KHz, it was no doubt the "AM Carrier Net," which I have been known 
> to 
> > occasionally join. I know nets don't own frequencies, and it's 
> > first-come, first served. But it's a difficult problem, because if 
> the 
> > net tries to move a few KHz, assuming there's space to do so, 
> > invariable someone else on the other end will get PO'd. The best 
> (but 
> > still imperfect) solution, I think, would be for the 1st AMer to 
> come 
> > on the net frequency to LISTEN, and then break into any QSO they 
> might 
> > interfere with, let those folks know about the regular net, and 
> then 
> > kindly ask them if they would be willing to move, or join the 
> net.
> >
> > 73,
> > -Larry/NE1S

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